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Welcome to the world of the Corporate Guardian magazine, the oldest and still the leading international business and financial magazine published  from Ghana.

We have been publishing this periodic magazine regularly for more than two decades now, having commenced the publication in 2001. Over this time we have developed an unsurpassed circulation network and now we reach a captive readership across three continents – Africa, Europe and America – with our hard copy editions, and our digital edition, which exactly replicates the hard copy edition is accessible through the internet all around the world.

We are politically non partisan, which is a rarity in Ghana, a country whose populace is deeply embedded in partisan politics. Rather, our loyalty is to the Ghanaian state in particular and to Africa as the continent of our domiciliation. Our ultimate objective is the accelerated economic growth and development of Ghana and the African continent, in an inclusive manner that ensures social justice within the ambit of the rule of law.

This requires a collective effort from all stakeholders and we have come to realize that this is easier than one would have thought when issues are striped of all their political underpinnings. Our position is that once a particular political administration has ben given an executive mandate, that country’s parliament has endorsed a particular public policy and the public, through their identified stakeholder segments have made their inputs, and those inputs have been taken into consideration by the public policy makers, the best way forward is for everyone to make efforts to derive the best possible outcomes. Opposition for the sake of it is unnecessary and ultimately counterproductive. Therefore our magazine only provides constructive criticism of public policy, providing clear cut alternative courses of action.

Thus, our magazine is heavily focused on leadership at all levels in both the public and private sectors. Good leadership tends to produce good outcomes and vice versa with regards to both public sector institutions and private sector enterprises.

Just as important is the interface between the public and the private sectors. Our view is that the role of government is to create the best operating environment for private enterprise to thrive, while providing regulation to ensure that private enterprise does not take undue advantage of the resultant opportunities to benefit at the expense of the public. Indeed, while we support the pursuit of commercial opportunities by private enterprise we also hold it to high standards of good corporate social and fiscal responsibility.

Finally, we believe in good bilateral and multilateral relations between countries – Ghana inclusive – as the best way to optimize the opportunities created by socio economic globalization. We acknowledge that trade generates wealth and improved living standards in trading counterparty nations but only when trade is fair and takes into consideration gaps in technological prowess as well as the financial terms of trade.

These are the fundamental beliefs underpinning what The Corporate Guardian magazine believes in and thus what guides our editorial analyses and perspectives. We support a social economy that is inclusive, fair to all and inclusive, thus giving everyone the opportunity to be the best that they can be.

Oscar Sam Ugoh



In all our editorial; content we strive to be technically accurate. This is of key importance since we address socio-economic issues that are underpinned by intense technicalities such as fiscal and monetary policy. A major challenge facing African countries in general with regards to both public policy and private sector activity is the lack of understanding of the technicalities that underpin them, which is consequently utilized by an opportunistic political class to gain populist favour.

Thus our magazine has set out to explain all the underpinning technicalities of contemporary socioeconomic issues affecting our readership in as simple and easy to understand language as possible. This necessarily means placing our non-partisan, enlightened understanding of issues alongside the pronouncement of the elitist classes in both the public and private sectors to ensure that narrow self serving interests do not prevail in the court of public opinion over what is in the best interests of the majority.

Our editorial coverage is wide, encompassing macroeconomic issues, business, finance, trade and both direct and portfolio investment as well as political economy and issues of socioeconomic development.

Our choice of issues to be addressed is pragmatic and we present information and analyses that can improve the quality of decision making by our readers in line with our  ultimate objective of being a practical socio economic decision making tool for our readership at both the household and the corporate/institutional levels.

Thus reading the Corporate Guardian is of practical benefit to you, even as its content is of practical use in the design and rollout of public policy; all the while partnering private enterprise to fuel socio-economic growth and development which ultimately leads to inclusive improvements in the living standards of the general public.

Toma Imirhe

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